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Age – 3-1/2 years old
Sex – Female, Spayed

Sparkle is a beautiful red tick beagle with a gorgeous red and white coat. She is well socialized and loves to play, run, chase and hang out with fur buddies. However, when she’s indoors with her special person, she is a very gentle and quiet girl who loves to cuddle. Her foster mom told us that she loves kids and gets along well with cats. She is crate trained and goes in it herself when she’s tired. She’s spayed, up to date on all her shots, microchipped and knows how to use a doggie door. Give us a call if you would like to meet Sparkle.



Age – One Year
Sex – Male, Neutered

Norb is a really happy, busy, high energy little beagle. He’s from a high kill shelter in Ohio and we had to hurry and save his life and find just the right family for his little guy. His foster mom tells us that he loves to jump and can easily jump up to three feet. So he will need to live in a home with a safe and secure yard. He loves to play with all types of toys and would love to have someone throw balls for him, run with him and go on lots of walks with him. He’s well socialized and would thrive in a home with kids age 6 and older. He’s up to date on all his shots and he’s microchipped. He’s crate trained but would prefer not to spend too much time in it. He’s almost housetrained and would need some guidance to learn the proper house rules. Please give us a call if you would like to meet Norb.



Age – 2 Years Old
Sex – Female, Spayed

We found this sweet foxhound mix at a high kill shelter in Virginia and we knew we had to save her life. This 40lb girl probably has a nice mix of beagle, foxhound and coonhound and she’s looking for a family that she can finally call her own. She is very well socialized with dogs, and would thrive in a family with kids and dogs who would like to share their home with a fur sibling. She’s housetrained, but would need some gentle guidance in a new home. She knows some basic commands, but is eager to learn and would benefit from training. She’s up to date on all her vaccinations, microchipped and ready to start her new life. Please let us know if you would like to meet Penny.



Age – 3-1/2 years
Sex – Male, Neutered

We have great news to share – Buzz found his forever home with Terry & Bryan, their 9 year old son and their senior lab, Ruby. He’s just been with them a few days, but Terry wrote “We are ready to let you know that he has a permanent home with us! He is a fabulous addition and we are all in love with him…We are so happy you have brought Buzz into our lives. We promise to take the best care of him.” She even said that she already “caught Buzz and Ruby in the cuddle position! What could be better than this?



ZIVA – Adoption Pending
Age – 2 years
Sex – Female, Spayed

Ziva is a tiny, 14lb confident little bundle of energy. She’s an adorable tri color beagle that we found at a high kill shelter in KY. She loves playing with fur friends and would do well either sharing a home with another pup or as an only dog. She loves playing with toys, she’s as sweet as can be and would love to cuddle and warm her favorite person’s lap. She’s mostly house trained and a home with a doggie door or easy access to a yard would be helpful. She’s current on all her vaccinations, spayed and healthy. If you would like more information about Ziva, please give us a call.



Age – 2 years
Sex – Female, Spayed

This adorable tiny girl just found her new home with John and his family and their three beagles. John wrote “She’s a keeper…She’s quickly becoming Nutter Butter. She’s bonded with Boomer more than Preston but he’s warming up. She cuddles up on our laps at TV time and is manic at feeding time!” A true beagle, we wish this girl and her new family a happy life together.



Age – 18 months
Sex – Male, Neutered

Charlie is a very handsome and gangly Hound mix. He spent lots of play time at Paradise Pet Resort and after several months of patiently waiting for just the right person, we’re happy to tell everyone that he finally found his forever home. Monique fell in love with him and decided to open her heart and home to Charlie. She has a large property with a couple of other pups to keep him happy and active. It just couldn’t have been a better outcome for this sweet boy!



Age – 2 years
Sex – Male, Neutered

Dan is a big, handsome, goofy, friendly Redbone Coonhound who is eagerly looking for his special family. He just loves everyone, people, dogs and also appears okay with cats. We think kids should be at least 10 years old because he is big and strong and may be too much for younger children. He’s currently working with our trainer to teach him some leash manners, but he would benefit from additional training to learn the basics. He loves chewing on his favorite bones, he sleeps comfortably either in a crate or on a doggie bed and he would love to be someone’s best friend. He’s mostly housetrained and would need some guidance in a new home. He’s neutered, up to date on all his shots and microchipped. Give us a call if you would like to meet Dan.



Age – 3 years
Sex – Female, Spayed

Dorothy, now known as Maggie, is a Beagle/Jack Russell mix who came to us from KY. And we’re doing a Happy Dance for her because she found her forever home! Teresa and Bob have happily opened their hearts to this little girl. Teresa wrote “We love Dorothy/Maggie and…we will definitely keep her!…She is really happy to be here, loves the grass in our back yard, loves running around like a whirlwind on the grass when it’s cool and shady, and loves rolling around in the grass. She loves our couch. She loves sitting with us and getting petted…You gave us a dog who is an Inner Jack Russell! Beagle on the outside, Jack on the inside (brain, heart, spirit…) And we love it.” Our best wishes to this family for a happy life together.



Age – 18 months
Sex – Female, Spayed

Ellie is a tiny little girl, still very puppy-like at around 18 months old. We just got the wonderful news from Laurie who wrote “Well it’s unanimous, we all love Ellie and want to make it an official adoption. She is a fun, sweet, little girl; curious and so great with the kids. Gus is coming around, and is much more active now that he has a friend…she has brought lots of laughs and excitement to our family.” A big Thank You to Laurie & David, their three kids and beagle, Gus, for including Ellie into this wonderful family.