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Age – 2 Years Old
Sex – Female, Spayed

We found Ellie at a High Kill Shelter in KY and we hurried to save her life. She’s an adorable and sweet 23lb girl who is looking to bond with a special person. Ellie will do best as an only dog, so that she can get all the love and attention coming her way. She will also need to be in a home with a fenced yard where access to it is easily provided. This smart girl already knows how to use a doggie door! With these things, some nourishing food and plenty of toys to play with, she will thrive and be a delight to have in the family. She already knows some basic commands, but is eager to continue learning. She’s up to date on all her shots, she’s microchipped and ready to start her new life. Please give us a call if you would like to meet Ellie.



Age – 8 years old
Sex – Male, Neutered

Stevie is an absolutely sweet and adorable boy who is almost blind. He doesn’t let this get in his way as he is quickly able to figure out his surroundings and gets around very well. He gets along with everyone, including kids, dogs and cats and he loves to spend most of his time snuggled in his favorite person’s lap. He also loves to go on walks and does well on a leash. We think Stevie would be an ideal dog for a senior or a retired person who spends lots of time at home. He has some separation anxiety issues, but as long as his person is around he is happy and content. Stevie is housetrained, neutered, up to date on all his shots, microchipped and in good health. Please give us a call if you would like to meet Stevie.



Age – 5 years old
Sex – Female, Spayed

We’re delighted to report that precious Stacy, now known as Macie, found her forever home with Terri. She wrote to us – “THANK U, THANK U, THANK U AGAIN for bringing Macie into my life! She is very much a cuddle bug in bed and anywhere else she can! I knew from the very FIRST night she was MINE! I’m predicting we will have a very wonderful life together!! I LOVE her so much!!…Thank you for all you and your team do!!” We just can’t thank Terri enough for giving little Macie a loving home.



Age – 2 Years Old
Sex – Female, Spayed

We found this sweet foxhound mix at a high kill shelter in Virginia and we knew we had to save her life. We’re so glad we did because Penny, who was previously known as Dixie, found her forever home with Ann. She wrote to us – “Things are going very well. I cannot imagine not having Penny. She is so much fun. We have really bonded and she always wants to know where I am but she is not clingy…She sleeps on the bed and snuggles up before we go to sleep and moves down to the foot when it is time to sleep. If I get up in the night, I come back and she is right in my spot. Thank you for bringing Penny into my life.” And we thank Ann for opening her heart and home to this deserving girl.



Age – One Year
Sex – Male, Neutered

Norb, our really happy, busy, high energy little beagle just found his forever home!! He has been adopted by Caitlin, who lives with her family, including her parents, three siblings and several chickens. She wrote to us – “Norb is doing wonderful. I know the two weeks aren’t up yet, but we would like to make our home Norb’s forever home.” Caitlin went on to tell us “We’re very happy to have Norb. He is very, very loved already. He even has his own Instagram! @ Norb the Adventure Pup.” We’re so happy Caitlin has welcomed little Norb into her family and we wish them all the best.



Age – One Year
Sex – Male, Neutered

We found Turk in a high kill shelter in Kentucky and rescued him so that we could find him a happy new life with people who care. This little guy, who weighs just 20lbs, is only a year old and still very puppy like. He’s a high energy boy who loves to play with his toys, explore his yard, rough house with his buddies and cuddle in his favorite person’s lap. He is reactive with some male dogs so we recommend that he live with either a female fur buddy or as king of his own castle. He also loves to jump so he will need to live in a house with a tall fence and secure yard. He’s house and crate trained, neutered, up to date on all his shots and microchipped. Please let us know if you would like to meet Turk.



GINGER – Adoption Pending
Age – 2 Years
Sex – Female, Spayed

Ginger is one of the mellowest Treeing Walker Coonhounds we’ve ever met! We think she is mixed with possibly some Foxhound and Beagle and she has the sweetest parts of each breed. She’s about 43lbs., and is happy to spend her time quietly hanging out with her family. Everyone who meets Ginger has simply fallen in love with her. This girl is well socialized and would enjoy sharing a home with a fur sibling, but no cats please. She’s house and crate trained, spayed, up to date on all her shots and microchipped and ready to find her forever family. Please call us if you would like to meet Ginger.



Age – 3-1/2 years old
Sex – Female, Spayed

We have happy news about Sparkle – she found her forever home with Marlene & Patrick and new fur sibling, Toby. Marlene wrote – “We are going to adopt her! (As if we had any doubt before, but I wanted to officially notify you.) She is adapting so well and her personality and confidence is blooming…Toby and Sparkle are hilariously bonding…she stalks him to play now. Our gentle old boy is getting a run for his money with this girl. He’s been so great with her…never once has bared a fang…Please let all the handlers who made her journey for us possible know that she’s doing great. We love her! We wish them a Happy Life!



Age – 2 years
Sex – Male, Neutered

Dan is a big, handsome, goofy, friendly Redbone Coonhound who was eagerly looking for his special person and he found him with Tanner. We just received this exciting report from Tanner, “We have put this dog through it all in the past week and a half. Horse rides, fishing trips, hiking, swimming, canoeing, road trip to Arizona, visits into various restaurants and bars. He has passed the lifestyle test with flying colors. Everyone in my office at work is already in love with him too so he is no problem there. It is safe to say that Danner has found his forever home as we are both infatuated and in love with one another. Thank you so much for the opportunity to bring him into my life.” Doesn’t get much better than this!!!

Emmy ( now Annie)


Age – One Year
Sex – Female, Spayed

We’re happy to share that Emmy, who we found at a shelter in Ohio, just found her forever home with Marie & Tyler in Nebraska. Her new name is Annie and we just heard from them – “We are excited to tell you that Annie is a permanent member of our family!…Annie has become much more comfortable in her new home and is such a loving little dog! We look forward to the years and years to come with Annie.” We just love these happy outcomes!!