Adopting a dog from North Bay Beagles

Adopting a Dog from North Bay Beagles

Please go to the available dogs on our website and if you see a dog that looks like it may be a good fit for your family, please fill out the adopt application by completing the form and pressing the “submit” button. If computer access is unavailable, a hard copy of the application can be mailed. Please contact us by phone to request this. Once the application is reviewed, a volunteer from North Bay Beagles will call you for an initial phone interview. We will discuss your previous experience with dog ownership, ask about your family members, including adults and children, if any, whether you live in your own home or have landlord permission to have a dog, whether the dog will live mostly indoors, and whether the dog will not be allowed to roam off leash.

If, after our phone discussion, it seems like the dog may be the right fit for your family, we will contact the foster family and arrange for you to meet him/her. This will be either at the home of the foster family or at a nearby park for you and your family members and any other dog or dogs you may currently own. This will enable you to see how the dogs get along and also to get more information from the foster parents about the beagle. If you decide that this is the beagle you’d like to adopt, a home visit will be made to ensure that there will be a secure environment for the dog.   If all looks to be in order, you will take him/her home for a two week trial period. At this time, a donation check for the adoption will be collected. If you find that the dog does not work out, then it will be returned to the foster parents and you will be refunded your donation check. If this is the dog you wish to adopt, then we congratulate you on successfully being the new owner of a rescued beagle!

Our goal is to place our dogs into loving, forever homes where they can live out the rest of their lives happily and safely.   We strive to find the most suitable home for both the dog and family members. Our adoption donation is $400. This is not for the purchase of a beagle, but a donation towards the cost of caring for the dog while it comes through our rescue.

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