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Age – 18 months
Sex – Female, Spayed

We’re doing a Happy Dance for Mandy, who found hew new fur-ever home with Joan & John! They wrote to us – “We already love her, want to have her in our family for as long as she lives…She is precious and I am so grateful that we have her. It all seemed to fall in place and she is our fur baby now. Thank you and your husband for all that you do for the pups. You are amazing people with big hearts.” It doesn’t get better than this.



Age – 6 year
Sex – Female, Spayed

We are thrilled to report that beautiful Molly has found her fur-ever home with Carlo & Ruth and their three adult kids who live with them! So Molly has lots of love and attention which this sweet girl so deserves. The family members take her for daily walks which she just loves, she’s learned to walk up the stairs in the house and she has lots of beds and laps to cuddle on. What could be better that this? We thank this family for opening their hearts and home to sweet Molly.



Age – One Year
Sex – Female, Spayed

Precious little Harper finally found her fur-ever home with Judy & Lee. We believe that Harper endured a traumatic beginning of her young life that left her with a lot of fears and distrust. This wonderful couple has been working on providing her with the time and patience she needs to keep her safe and to help her build confidence and develop trust. We couldn’t be happier for Harper and her new beginning.



Age – 3 Years
Sex – Male, Neuter

We have loads of happiness to share about Casper, the young beagle who spent the first three years of his life alone in a crate in a yard. He’s now known as Buddy and has found a loving home with Karen & David and their two adult sons who couldn’t be happier with him. He now has a chance to live the rest of his life well cared for and loved. We wish them years of happiness together!



Age – Two Years
Sex – Female, Spayed

MIA is a small, 19lb absolutely adorable Redtick Beagle who had a traumatic start to her young life. But we’re so happy to report that she’s been adopted and has begun her new happy life. We heard from Teresa and Earl who told us that “Mia is here to stay. She has been great so far.” This couple has lots of family who visit on a regular basis and all have fallen in love with this little girl. She loves to cuddle and sleep with Teresa and Earl and Mia has finally found her fur-ever home with folks who just love her. We couldn’t be happier.



Age – 3 Years
Sex – Male, Neutered

Look who found his fur-ever home – Gabe & Kat wrote to us and said “Cooper is settling into our home. This past week he spent a day at the Wag Hotel and socialized with other dogs. In the afternoon when I picked him up he was exhausted…Kate & I are grateful that he has joined our family. Cooper is adjusting well.” We are so pleased to have another new beginning.



Age – 5 Years
Sex – Male, Neutered

We’re thrilled to report that Happy Days are here for Duke and his new family, including Michael & Rebecca and two daughters. Michael wrote to us – “Yes, we would like to keep him and are more than happy to make the decision now…He is adjusting very well and is doing great at work and at home. He is starting to follow me around like a shadow and that usually means that they like where they are. Our daughter, Grace loves him and is all over him when she gets home and it seems he likes the attention too…Thank you for bring Duke to us.” And we thank this family for truly giving this boy a second chance to have a wonderful life.



Age – One Year
Sex – Female, Spayed

More good news – after just two days we heard from Gail who told us that she and Ernie are definitely giving Nona a fur-ever home. Gail wrote – “We love her!!! She is such a great dog. Her and Rusty (their 11 year old male beagle) are getting along great…She even got him to play with her!! She had a great night last night, slept all night and when she got up this morning we went for our walk and met all the neighbors. Can’t say how much we love her and thank you so much for getting her for us.” Another happy new beginning!!

Mr. Bean


Age – Two Years
Sex – Male, Neutered

We have happy news to report – adorable Mr. Bean, who was originally with us as Judd, found a new home with Myra and James. Myra said she takes him on extended walks every day and he is thriving with his daily workouts. He has adapted so well to all his new routines that Myra said he’s the perfect addition to their family. We wish them a long and happy life together.



Age – 4 Years
Sex – Female, Spayed

It’s a happy day for our little bluetick girl, TESS. We heard from Nancy today who wrote – “Yes, I absolutely do want to give Tess a permanent home…she sure looks like she has settled in! She is eating well and seems happy and relaxed. She is a wonderful little beagle and a good companion for both Pete (her other beagle) and me…Now that she’s had time to adjust to her new home, I plan to work with her on basic obedience…I think she’ll be a dream to train compared to Pete when he was young.” We couldn’t be happier to have found the perfect home for sweet Tess.