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Please Come Back Soon

Please stay tuned for are coming attractions!



Age – 5 Years Old
Sex – Female, Spayed

We’re delighted to report that sweet GRACE, now known as GINGER, found her forever home with Jill and Russ!! Jill wrote – “Oh it’s definitely a go! We love her already including our other Beagle. We see her trusting us more and more everyday. She’s been through a lot, but the rest of her life with us will be like heaven. Again thanks for all you do to save these precious animals.”


Age-4 years
Sex-male, neutered

We found Winston at an animal shelter where he had been brought in as a stray. As a result, we don’t know anything about his history. However, he is now happily living with his foster family, and according to them, Winston is a sweet, good natured, adorably cute beagle-mix who loves to snuggle and give kisses. He is learning his commands, enjoys sleeping in his own doggie bed in the bedroom and takes his cookies and doggie treats with a soft mouth.   He has quickly acclimated into his foster home with dogs, cats and kids, but would also do well as an only dog as long as he has his own “people”.  He is in excellent health, is current on all shots, is neutered and has a microchip. If you are looking for a loving addition to your family, consider meeting Winston



Age – 18 Months
Sex – Male, Neutered

Handsome Winston has a new family and a new name, Waylon. He’s been adopted by Carlos and Johnny, who have two other beagles. When asked if this boy found his permanent home, Carlos said “Yup, we love him.” They live in San Francisco and have access to lots of parks, trails and beaches. We can’t ask for a better outcome than this and we wish this family lots of happy times!!



Age – Six years
Sex – Female, Spayed

BELLA is a six year old purebred beagle who we are rehoming due to changed circumstances in her previous family. And we’re so happy to report that she’s been adopted by Dotty and is joining her family that includes another fur sibling, Pumpkin Pie. Her name is now Lucy, and Dotty is taking lots of steps to ensure the safety of this little escape artist. She said it’s taken her male beagle some time to accept the newcomer, but she said “the two dogs are getting closer as the days go by…And, oh, by the way, now that there are two beagles, they bay instead of bark at the front gate! They’re a kick!!” That’s what we love to hear – we wish them the best.




Age – One Year
Sex – Male, Neutered

We’re doing a Happy Dance for Jethro, who found the family of his dreams! Aloke and Rohith and their two daughters have welcomed this boy, now lovingly called Jet, into their hearts and home. Jet is a perfect fit for this active family and he just loves his new wonderful life. We wish them a lifetime of happiness.



Age – 3 months
Sex – Female, not yet spayed

This little baby girl, Macey, now lovingly called ButterBee, has been adopted by Mike and Jan. As soon as she is old enough, the adopters have agreed to have her spayed. Her new home is in WY and Jan wrote to us – “here she is bonded to Michael already, follows him everywhere, he is over the moon! She is strong and brave and so loving, thank you sweet ladies, what a gift from heaven she is! xoxo”. We believe that ButterBee couldn’t have found a more perfect forever home!



Age – 18 months
Sex – Male, Neutered

Adorable little Woody found his forever home! He’s been adopted by Julie and his new name is Opal. He’s having so much fun spending days playing with other pups, learning lots of new skills, going on walks and spending lap time cuddling with his new mom. It doesn’t get much better than this!



Age – 7 years
Sex – Spayed, Female

Little Sally has been enjoying herself in California. Her foster family entered her in a costume contest at a winery and she won First Place!! Soon after she found her forever family with Jon and Pam. They wrote – “Sally’s adapted well to living here. She has numerous favorite spots in our yard and house to rest. We’ve taken her for a walk in public and she was great…This really feels like a perfect match and we think Sally will be very happy here. Thank you!” And we thank Jon and Pam for opening their hearts and home to this wonderful girl.



Age – 2 Years Old
Sex – Female, Spayed

It’s been a long journey for Ellie, but she finally found the forever home she’s been looking for! She’s been adopted by Megan who’s a perfect match for this little bundle of energy. As an only pup in the house, she gets to have all the attention which she loves. And with a doggie door, she has lots of freedom for her outside needs. She has plenty of toys to keep her happy and daily walks with Megan. We just couldn’t ask for a better outcome.



Age – 6 Years Old
Sex – Male, Neutered

It’s a Happy Day for Louie, now lovingly known as Charlie, who found his forever home with Kay. We rescued this little snuggle bug from a shelter in Sonoma County where he ended up when his owner passed away. Now he has someone to love and care for him as he joins a family that includes a few cats and a visiting grand dog named Arnie. Charlie is enjoying his daily walks with Kay and snuggling with his new feline friends. We wish this sweet family a happy life together.