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Age – 5 Years Old
Sex – Male, Neutered

We have a wonderful adoption to share. KENNY came to our rescue about 3 years ago and had found his home at that time. However, with great sadness KENNY, through no fault of his own, needed to be returned to us. We had him only a short time and this boy found the most wonderful home with Bruce. He wrote to us – “He did so well last night. We have bonded faster than I thought. He sleeps with me and has already figured out the doggie doors. No doggie messes to clean up. He is shy and yet tail wagger whenever I come near him. I have yet to hear him bugle. He is the PERFECT dog for me. I love him. I will definitely keep him.” This was a magical match and we wish KENNY and his new Dad a loving forever future together.❤



Age – 5
Sex – Female, Spayed

We’re happy to report that BAILEY found the home she was looking for! She was adopted by Kim and Kris, their two kids, two pups and a cat. Kim wrote to us – “…things are going well with BAILEY. She is settling in and becoming comfortable in her new home. She’s really sweet and we are enjoying having her in our family….We definitely want to adopt her.” What can be better than this? We wish this family many years of happiness together



Age – 7 Years
Sex – Male, Neutered

We’re finally able to confirm that 7 year old BRONSON, now known as BRODY, found his home with Jeri. She wrote – “Yes he’s doing great, and I’m definitely keeping him…I think a beagle is the perfect breed of dog for me, as far as size and personality, and I couldn’t ask for a sweeter one…All in all, he’s definitely enjoying his new home. He likes being able to run full out in the yard and enjoys sunning himself on the deck and being able to survey his kingdom from there…Thanks for everything, especially my new best friend.



Age – One Year
Sex – Female, Spayed

We have the best news to share – our beautiful foxhound, WHITNEY, has found her furever home with Melanie and her family. Her new name is JOSIE and, according to Melanie, she’s “doing well and she’s really a sweetheart! She loves to play with our dog, Gabby and go on walks at Spring Lake.” Melanie let us know – “We would like to officially adopt JOSIE!” We’re so thrilled and wish this family years of happiness together❤



Age – 2 Years
Sex – Female, Spayed

Happy Days are here for little Miss PEARL. Her new name is DOTTIE and she found her fur-ever loving home with Jillian and Drew, and even has a playful fur-sibling, Oliver. Jillian said they hit if off right away and are happy play buddies and love to snuggle together. It couldn’t be a more perfect match💑 We’re so happy DOTTIE has a family to look after her and love her and we wish them many happy years together!



Age – 6 Years
Sex – Female, Spayed

We just heard the good news from Kelly who reported that she and her husband Marty “Absolutely” will give MOLLY a fur-ever home! Kelly said “She is such a good dog – we love her…She seems to be getting very comfortable”. She’s bonding with her new fur-siblings, a senior cocker spaniel, Gina, and a Russian Blue kitty named Blue. MOLLY is a little overweight and Kelly is committed to providing her with lots of nourishment and exercise to keep this girl healthy and happy. We thank them for giving MOLLY the love she so deserves❤



Age – 8 months
Sex – Female, Spayed

The beautiful young foxhound, WHITNEY, is starting her new life with her fur-ever family-Lisa and her husband and two teenage boys. Her new name is JOSIE and Lisa said that they just love her. She has lots of young puppy play energy and spends her nights sleeping cuddled up with the boys. She also has two new feline fur-siblings and Lisa said the cats are continuing to work on adjusting to a new member of the family. She feels confident that time will bring success. We wish them the best❤



Age – 4 Years
Sex – Female, Spayed

We have a heartwarming story to share❤ A couple years ago we had an owner surrender of a 2 year old beagle, CHARLIE, and he was lovingly adopted by Michael & Haley. The original owners kept their other beagle, SOPHIE, who lived for the first 2 years of her life with CHARLIE. The separation was difficult for both dogs. Recently, the original owner contacted us again and said that their living situation was changing and they could no longer keep SOPHIE. We checked in with CHARLIE’S family, and Michael & Haley said they would love to adopt SOPHIE and reunite the two pups. The latest word from Haley is – “SOPHIE fits in perfectly with our family and we love her. Thank you.” We’re so happy we were able to make this happen🥰🐾😍

Stryker (Joey)


Age – 9 Years
Sex – Male, Neutered

We have some exciting news to share for senior boy Stryker. Pam and Ed, of North Bay Beagles, fell in love with him as he was delivered to them in Santa Rosa, CA, and they decided to give him a fur-ever home. His new name is Joey and he blends perfectly with their pack of beagles and hounds. They’re working on getting him back in tip top shape and we’re happy that he’ll enjoy a whole new life at his new home in CA!!



Age – 5-1/2 Years
Sex – Female, Spayed

We’re thrilled to report that Happy Days are here for Little Miss Bonnie who found her fur-ever home with Kendra. This lucky girl has new fur-siblings – a cat and a dog named Remmi. Kendra says she’s in love with this precious girl who is learning about living life in a home with warm beds, good food and comfy laps. We wish them years of health and happiness together!