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Age – 7 years old
Sex – Male, Neutered

We saw a picture of Jake in a shelter in the rural town of Hazard, KY, and he looked like an adorable, chubby beagle mix.   We knew that sometimes the slightly older pups never make it out of the shelter, so we had to rescue this little boy.  And we’re so happy he did because he found the perfect family and has been lovingly adopted into their forever home.  His new mom writes “Jake’s a happy and relaxed boy.  We are a happy family.  Soon the cat will agree.  He’s in his forever home.”  We couldn’t be happier and wish them many joyful years together.



Age – 18 months
Sex – Male, Neutered

It took Braxton a while to find his forever home, but he found it and hit the jackpot.  He is now known as Bosco and he was adopted together with Rose.  This family is so excited about bringing two adorable pups into their family and they report, “Things are going very well, we’ve got the house training pretty well under control and the pups seem to be settling in nicely…Thanks for all your help, we really can’t believe how lucky we are.”  We’re just thrilled that they will be able to spend their lives together with a family that adores them.



Age – 5 years old
Sex – Female, Spayed

Rose is the sweetest little beagle/basset mix who finally found the forever home she’s been looking for.  She was adopted along with her best beagle buddy Braxton (now known as Bosco) and the two of them will be able to spend their lives together in a family that just adores them.  It doesn’t get much better than that!!  Their new mom said that the pups are “settling in nicely…Thanks for all your help, we really can’t believe how lucky we are!!”   We thank this wonderful family for opening their homes and hearts to these two deserving pups.



Age – 7 years old
Sex – Male, Neutered

We’re thrilled to report that Duke has been lovingly adopted by Teri and finally found the forever home he’s been looking for!  Duke spent the first several years of his life outside, chained and alone.  We’re so happy to say that his life is now forever changed as he found the perfect person who loves and adores him.  Duke has so much love to give and Teri is cherishing every minute of their bond.  We wish them love and happiness for years to come.



Age – 4 years old
Sex – Female, Spayed

Sweet Ava finally found the home of her dreams with Renee and Ted, their daughter Jessica, and their puppy Shelby.  She’s been lovingly welcomed into their lives where she is able to play in the large yard that she’s able to access through any one of three doggie doors, go for walks to fun places like the beach, choose her favorite toy or snuggle in a warm cozy bed or lap.  What could be better for this girl?  The family reports that she’s a healing energy that’s come into their lives and they feel blessed by her presence.  We wish them years of happiness together.



Age – 7 years
Sex – Female, Spayed

LadyBug traveled to our rescue all the way from West Virginia and we’re delighted to report that she finally found the answer to her dreams.  Her new name is Gabby and she’s been adopted by a wonderful hound friendly family in Southern California who recognize just how special this girl is.  We’re so grateful to Mike and Maggie who have included Gabby into their family with two other hound buddies, Hoover and Darby.    They report that she blended with their group perfectly and now has a bright future to look forward to.  We wish them all the very best.



AUGGIE – Now Commander Ryker
Age – 18 months
Sex – Male, Neutered

Auggie, our very handsome Beagle/Basset Hound mix that was abandoned in the woods of rural KY, has found his forever home.  This pup endured multiple traumas in his young life after having been discovered with two collars that became embedded into his neck and had to be surgically removed.  But now he is living with a family that adores him and is showing loving patience to help him gain confidence and trust.  They report he is progressing on a daily basis and is now playing with Raider, his new best buddy with whom he shares his home.  We simply couldn’t be happier for this wonderful outcome.



Age – 2 years old
Sex – Male, Neutered

Our exceptionally handsome and outgoing boy who came all the way from TN has been adopted.  Buddy’s name has been changed to Finn and he’s happily living now in Southern California with a family that adores him.  They report that he has had no problems adjusting to their family life that includes two young children.    He has a stay at home mom who takes him on lots of walks and outings every day and he has happily settled into his new forever home.  We wish him many years of happiness with his new family.



Age – 2 years
Sex – Male, Neutered

Our very handsome 2 year old AKC registered purebred beagle, Charlie, has found a new forever home.  He’s been enjoying walks around the neighborhood, meeting all the kids and getting petted, and learning to share his home with two cats.  We’re told he’s doing very well with this new experience.  They report that he’s the perfect dog for their family and fits right in.  We’re so happy to have helped in making this happy match and wish them all the best.



Age – 5 years
Sex – Neutered

Lucy is a five year old purebred beagle who we rescued from a shelter in KY.  We’re so happy to report that she found the home she’s been looking for with folks who adore her.  She even has a new name to reflect her happy new life.  Her dad wrote to us and said “She is just so wonderful!  She is so loyal to my wife and I and she always wants loving and is always so happy and wagging her tail….I think Bella is the best dog that I have ever adopted.  And thank you so much for making this whole process so easy.”  We are so thankful to this family for bringing Bella into their lives.