Board of Directors

Board of Directors


Pamela Rosenthal is the founder and chief executive officer of Rescue for North Bay Beagles. She has been a licensed Marriage and Family therapist for 28 years, and worked in private practice in both the Northern Bay Area and in Southern California.   More recently she worked as a mental health clinician for several years with the elder adult community with Sonoma County Behavioral Health. Throughout her career, she has been an active advocate for animals and has been personally involved in rescuing dogs, cats and abused horses. She has volunteered with numerous rescue organizations and has worked with dogs at an assistance dog facility. She and her husband, Edward, currently have a “pack” of rescue dogs, three of which are beagles. Rescue for North Bay Beagles grew out of her passion for this wonderful breed and her lifelong commitment to rescue.


Ed is currently sole proprietor of HigherSourceSites, a web construction company. The Web development company originally  began with his interest in building web sites for his colleagues in Real Estate, where he worked  for 8 years in Sonoma County. He freelanced in San Francisco for several years as programmer and database administrator , and prior to that Ed worked at Lawrence Berkeley Lab in operations, consulting, and business programming departments. Ed has helped corporations and professionals in a wide variety of Corporate and Professional  settings  either in consulting or building their internet presence. is a product of his skills and the design requirements of the non profit. Ed has a few joys and loves, including his Beagles and Labs, and is affected emotionally when he sees dogs mistreated or abandoned. He and Pamela enjoy their canine crew in Santa Rosa.


Jeff Malmuth’s distinguished career spans over two decades. His professional qualifications include being a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, a Diplomat on the American Board of Vocational Experts, a Vocational Expert with the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, and a vocational career consultant and placement specialist. He is also the Executive Director of iLearn Institute, Inc., in San Francisco. As such, Jeff graciously shares his knowledge and diverse skills to provide excellent marketing and business strategies to Rescue for North Bay Beagles. He is a longtime animal lover and spends daily quality time with his rescue lab, Dante.

Jami Hulsman

Jami Hulsman came to Rescue for North Bay Beagles almost two years ago as a prospective adopter of “Clive” now known as Hank the Tank. Her husband and two daughters fell in love with our beagle/basset hound from Kentucky, and he is now a wonderful part of their family. Since then, Jami has worked on many aspects of our administrative and fundraising activities, and she continues to introduce new ideas to help our rescue continue to grow.


Dianne Snater, is currently the Human Resource Manager for a structural steel fabricating facility in Southern Minnesota. Her beagle rescue efforts began with social media; sharing and networking dogs in urgent need; those that were scheduled for euthanasia. It was during this first venue of rescue that Dianne met up with an exclusive group of individuals which included Pamela Rosenthal, and a working, rescuing relationship was formed. Dianne was able to secure the safety of sheltered beagles through rescue commitment, arranging vetting and their transportation to California. In January of 2016, Dianne began fostering for Rescue for North Bay Beagles and that year fostered a total of 45 beagles/hounds all of which were sent to California to find new homes. Dianne has her own pack of misfit canines that include 4 beagles, one chihuahua, one doxie, one shih tzu and one of an undetermined breed. Rescue is her passion, the range of which includes knowing the emotional trauma that an animal has had to endure, to the greatest joy when the dogs are being given a new chance at life….a good life, a deserving life!

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