Age – 3 years
Sex – Female, Spayed

Dorothy, now known as Maggie, is a Beagle/Jack Russell mix who came to us from KY. And we’re doing a Happy Dance for her because she found her forever home! Teresa and Bob have happily opened their hearts to this little girl. Teresa wrote “We love Dorothy/Maggie and…we will definitely keep her!…She is really happy to be here, loves the grass in our back yard, loves running around like a whirlwind on the grass when it’s cool and shady, and loves rolling around in the grass. She loves our couch. She loves sitting with us and getting petted…You gave us a dog who is an Inner Jack Russell! Beagle on the outside, Jack on the inside (brain, heart, spirit…) And we love it.” Our best wishes to this family for a happy life together.

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