Owner Assisted Placement


Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, people need to make the difficult decision to rehome their pets.  If you can no longer provide a home for your dog, North Bay Beagles offers an Owner Assisted Placement service to help you find a new loving family.  This provides an opportunity for owners to keep their dogs at home while North Bay Beagles assists with the adoption process.   Owners are expected to continue to care for their dog in their home and meet with potential adopters until a suitable match is found.

To help owners while they seek a new home for their pet, North Bay Beagles will be available to advise and consult with current owners and prospective adopters, and support both parties through the adoption process.  Online listing of your dog on our website and social media accounts will enable North Bay Beagles to make referrals to you of potential adopters.  Please go to the Owner Assisted Placement form to initiate the process. We request a $25 donation for posting your beagle to offset our expenses for website maintenance.
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