Age – 4 Years
Sex – Female, Spayed

We have a heartwarming story to share❤ A couple years ago we had an owner surrender of a 2 year old beagle, CHARLIE, and he was lovingly adopted by Michael & Haley. The original owners kept their other beagle, SOPHIE, who lived for the first 2 years of her life with CHARLIE. The separation was difficult for both dogs. Recently, the original owner contacted us again and said that their living situation was changing and they could no longer keep SOPHIE. We checked in with CHARLIE’S family, and Michael & Haley said they would love to adopt SOPHIE and reunite the two pups. The latest word from Haley is – “SOPHIE fits in perfectly with our family and we love her. Thank you.” We’re so happy we were able to make this happen🥰🐾😍

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