winstonx250Rescue for North Bay Beagles is a wonderful addition to Sonoma County. I was ready for another dog and Rescue for North Bay Beagles made getting that perfect new family member so easy. Pamela from NBBeagles spoke to me and listened to what my needs were and said “I think I have just the dog for you”. The next day she introduced me to Winston, a 4 year old blue tick beagle who had been rescued by NBBeagles. After two weeks Winston had won over our hearts and now has a “forever home” here with us. I can’t tell you how wonderful working with Pamela and Rescue for North Bay Beagles was. Go BEAGLES!

Andrea R

Bailey2x250We were so pleased to find the flyer for your Rescue for North Bay Beagles. You (and Bailey!) have been such a blessing to our family and we are so happy to have found your business which lead us to our new dog! The care and attention we received from you made this an easy transition. Even when we were a bit unsure in the beginning if this was the right fit for us, your love for Beagles and your non-pushy way made us very comfortable and ready to say YES! The vet check you provided also made us feel that you were truly out to do right by us and the dog. Bailey has adjusted so well into our home and each morning we are so happy to wake up and watch him spin excitedly around to say “feed me, feed me!” His gentle demeanor and love for our family is so precious! We so appreciate all you have done for us and Bailey to bring us together and we would HIGHLY recommend your business to anyone looking to give a dog their forever home!!

Many Thanks!!
Jeff, Tina, Maddie and Bailey


Pam and Mick McVey recently adopted Jake, a seven year old beagle mix who we brought to our rescue from KY. I received this letter from this sweet boy:

“Dear Pamela, I’m dictating this letter to Pam (McVey). They won’t let me near the computer. I wanted to tell you that I am so happy to have found my “Forever Home”! I love it here. I sleep at night in my wire crate, which is fine because I can see Mick and Pam, but the cat can’t get to me. I get up in the morning (very slowly) to go out with Mick to feed the horse, and then we got for a walk to deliver the neighbors’ papers. Sometimes we meet neighbors and they always want to pet me. They all say I’m so calm. I guess Pam and Mick haven’t had a “calm” dog before!! Then I get breakfast and check out the back yard before going back to sleep on the deck with Mick while he reads the paper. Sometimes I run upstairs and get into bed with Pam. She gets up slowly in the morning too. Later I go out to help clean the horse pasture. The horse and I ignore each other. Don’t want to get near those big feet! You know we have five acres here. Do you know how many smells are on five acres??? It’s Heaven!!! Once I chased a rabbit in the pasture, but I got tired and it got away. If I rub myself in horse manure (YUM) I get a bath in the barn. Most days I go back to sleep unless we go for another walk. Then I go back to sleep. One day we went to Bodega Head. Great smells there. We even walked down to the ocean but I didn’t want to go in the water. We’re going to go to Spring Lake soon I’ve heard. I love riding in the car although it makes me sleepy. Sometimes I don’t want to get out of the car when we get into the garage.

Anyway, as you can read, I’m very relaxed here. I keep hearing “Good Boy Jake” and “What a Good Dog” so I’m pretty sure Pam and Mick love me. The cat just walks past me now so I guess we’re friends, sort of. I want to thank you for getting me here. It was a long, hard journey. I have a new life now and it’s wonderful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
Jake McVey”

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